Slavery is an uncomfortable topic to talk about because of the violent tension surrounding it. Nonetheless these poems through their distinct form, diction, exotic structure and lyrical pessimism speak up without tension. This collection is not an answer to the themes explored but a mystery of darkness begging for light.


Humanity is more doing than just flesh and color.

The Ultimate Feast

Such a good life lived
How better it could have been!
O what joys my regrets would have been?

Nights in the old Africa

These new nights in Africa we are always apart so once in a while like today let’s toast and chat about those nights that deserves a place in our heart

Wounds & Bitter fruit

The sea carried off our siblings, yet she also carried salt.
Rusting shackles and blood ties, turning our relationships to faults.

We The People

We are all Water and Earth. We are Water Spirits and Earth Spirits

Connected through the joyous wind and clicking cable