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What’s in it for you as an artist?


If you submit your text, audio file, or video and it gets chosen by our curators, your art will be published on this website for everyone to read, watch or listen to! This is a great way to reach a bigger audience, as we heavily promote this project in the Kingdom of the Netherlands and Ghana.


Everybody interested in the connection between Curaçao and Ghana can participate in the inspirational sessions we will organize every two months. These interactive sessions will discuss relevant topics for both countries, from spirituality and slavery to new economic models, multilingualism, and Pan-Africanism.


You become part of the first Caribbean-African literary platform. Now you can connect with other writers, spoken-word artists, poets, and rappers for collaborations and other projects.


You could get discovered by big publishers. Nowadays, publishers like to scout for new authors themselves. They might ask to syndicate your submission – or to become a regular contributor.


You can generate new social media followers. You can share your submission on all your social media accounts.

Submission Guidelines

The Transatlantic Relatives will accept literary works in short fiction, nonfiction (short), poetry,
and autobiographical (brief excerpts). The work should be on shared histories and stories
related to or about the connections between Africa (Ghana) and the Caribbean (Curaçao).


Submissions can be in text, audio, or video. Submissions in text should be attached in Word and formatted font 12 pts in New Times Roman.
Audio submissions should be formatted in mp3.
Video submissions should be formatted in MP4 as far as possible.
All submissions should include a short biography and good quality author photograph.


Works can be submitted in Papiamento, Dutch, any Ghanaian language, or English. An English translation should accompany works in Papiamento, Dutch or Ghanaian languages.

Prose Submission

Works should be at most two thousand (2000) words.

Poetry Submission

Works should be at most four (4) pages.

Works should preferably be previously unpublished, although published works would be
considered. In the latter case, the writer must have the written to the previously published work.

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