By Rita Richardson

October 12, 2023


This poem can be considered a Total Theatre delivered in the traditional Ghanaian Griot style consisting of the three key elements of our African storytelling – { Music, Dance, and Drama }. With a focus to actively engage its audiences even right from the beginning in participation and not just the Griot delivering the message, “ADUWODZI” sets off with a Call and Response – a song-like Chant with the audience which is meant to “Fire up” or charge all in presence. The song/ Chant gets to be repeated in between and in the final part. ” ADUWODZI,” which means Conqueror/ Victor, is not just an engaging piece suitable for cheerful gatherings; it’s also to Unite – Empower, and Remind not only the Black African but the entire human race of Who we are and can be in living mindfully for our betterment and well-being. The piece can be delivered everywhere – given space and achieve the rapt listening attention of the audiences – on Air, streets theatre halls, and festivals.

Humanity is more doing than just flesh and color.

-Rita Richardson

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About the author

Rita Richardson

Rita is a theatre practitioner extraordinaire. Her artistic journey started as a songwriter and singer, but destiny led her to storytelling and poetry. After an apprenticeship in writing and performance poetry, she ventured into radio hosting, captivating audiences with her show ‘Theatre on Air’. She is the artistic director behind compelling plays and groundbreaking projects that address social issues. Gabriel is one of the two Ghanaian artists selected to travel to Curaçao and perform at the Wintertuin Curaçao Festival.