Wounds & Bitter fruit

By Hondred Percent

August 26, 2023



I wrote these wounds for our ancestors who consumed pain
For those whose tears turned to rain
Watering the crops of anarchy
Planted by colonizers who dared to reign

Viral and toxic, the wounds were receipts of hate
Merged with blockchain technology
Coded on our skins with whips and rape
Dictating a sorrow galvanized, on our DNA

But we didn’t have microscopes, so we couldn’t say
How deep the sorrow rang in this life of clay
Sculpting a drama, too dark to play
Growing on plantations, crops of rage

The sea carried off our siblings
Yet she also carried salt
Rusting shackles and blood ties
Turning our relationships to faults

So, when I blink, nightmares tease
When I sleep, dreams cease
Africa’s unity shares a sneeze
Pollinating our siblings who dared to breathe

I wrote these wounds
To speak of these bitter seeds
Blossoming flowers of ignorance
Petals of envy and greed

Though times have passed
Some of our siblings still bath
In shame and loneliness
The corroded shackles, still laughs

Our siblings are now our enemies
Hatred still lasts
We the victims misdirect it
At each other through drugs

Intoxicating our thoughts
Like fake news with bots
Confusing our heritage
By the canes we snort

The slave master is the pharmacist
His medicine, is not love
Anarchy is what he peddles
His sleight of hand, doves

Distracted by their flutter
Peace is all we see
Yet we are left with sibling rivalry
African unity, weight to sea

The sea carried off our siblings, yet she also carried salt. Rusting shackles and blood ties, turning our relationships to faults.

-Hondred Percent

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About the author

Hondred Percent

Hondred Percent is a storyteller that writes poetry and raps emotion. He is the founder of the Lorgorligi Locomotion Poetry Show #LLPS, a monthly poetry event that happens every 2nd Friday at Kukun, Osu. He is also a published author of a poetry book, “Lorgorligi Locomotion”; a two time Ehalakasa SLAM Champion and has an album and EP available on all major streaming platforms. He is a lover of baseball caps, sunglasses and hakamas and currently working on a new studio album to be released later this year.