Residence in Ghana to Perform, Explore, Reflect

The ancestral voices are reaching out to us, the people of Curaçao and Ghana,
They show us new opportunities to relate, to exchange, to share.
Pa Gya 2023, Wintertuin Curaçao 2023:
Solid first steps in our literary reconnection journey.

We stand tall wearing our crown

I can’t imagine talking about cultural similarities and historical connections without addressing
the pride of a woman which is all in her hairdo.


Humanity is more doing than just flesh and color.

The impending farewell

As descendant of slaves, married to a dutchman, we bought an landhouse, build around 1750. I do think that all spirits are with us , and helped us throughout the restoration of this very important, historical building.

The Compassionate State

“His eyes fixate on the daunting stairs that lie ahead, leading to the scaffold. The executioner awaits him at the top. Nine steps separate him from death.”

My compare with Ghana

My travel to Ghana 2011/2012. giving an excerpt about the content, what followed on viewpoint diaspora.