Guides of our march

Ghana has interested me since I was young. I visited Ghana in 2016 where I participated among others in a village outreach program. I also visited several parts of Ghana (a few of them I mentioned in my story) and focused on contacts with the locals. In my story I provide a historical picture of the slave trade as experienced by a particular person narrated by descendants of this person. I see great opportunities for both countries once the relationship between Ghana and Curacao is tightened. These opportunities are based on my own experiences while in Ghana. In my story I elaborate on such opportunities.

Open the way

“This key will open the right door for you.” 

African-Caribbean airbridge

Unlike the sand, a West African who wants to travel to the Caribbean has to go through either Europe or the United States. The other way around, it’s the same. They tell me it’s because the routes between our regions are not sustainably profitable.